“Being a Healthy Woman isn’t about getting on a scale or measuring waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters-on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves” (Michelle Obama)

The health of a woman is very important in society. It is so because the well-being of a family and community is tied to that of a woman. The health of a woman does not merely include physical state but overall condition including her mental state. A woman’s health is determined by the effect of nutrition, workload, and stress.

It has been rightly said that Healthy women make a healthy world because women directly take care of their immediate family members and thus playing their part in the well-being of the community. It’s sad but true that while engrossed in daily chores and taking care of the family women mostly neglect their well-being. So when a woman gets sick or dies it has far-reaching effects on her family and thus on community. Previously there was no or little attention was given to the health of a woman. But today’s world has awareness about the importance of a woman’s health for the well-being of her family and ultimately the society. A woman may have the same diseases as men but their treatment and symptoms may not be the same. Therefore today medical practitioners lay a lot of stress on the health of women.

women health and fitness
women health and fitness

How to maintain women’s health?

Balanced Diet: Eating a balanced diet is of utmost importance for the overall health of a woman. A balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy products.

Exercise: Heart disease has become a major cause of death of women in America. 1 out of 4 women dies because of heart-related problems.  Exercise comes in for the rescue. 30 minutes of exercise 45 days a week does the magic quite well. Aerobics or cardio exercises like walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, jumping rope, burpees,  and swimming pays off well. Training can also be included along with the cardio exercise to be fit and get in shape. Exercise also makes the bones strong to prevent osteoporosis in older age.

Healthy Aging: Aging is inevitable but that does not mean that a woman has to go through illness and pain to while aging. Healthy aging is directly related to healthy living. To have a healthy body, a woman should not smoke Tabaco or drink alcohol. A woman should also learn to face mental issues bravely and deal with stress tactfully. Eat healthy food to make your skin look younger and beautiful. Have a regular skincare routine and always use sunscreen and sunglasses while stepping out in the sun. 

Healthy sex life: Sexual health of a woman is the most neglected issue especially in under developing countries. It’s almost a taboo to talk about sexual health in many cultures. But neglecting sexual health issues have far more reaching effects on the physical and mental well- being of a woman.

Pregnancy: A woman needs to pay extra attention to her health when she is planning to get pregnant or is pregnant. She should have a balanced diet to make her body fertile for the growth and development of her baby. She should be dealt with great care and attention by her family especially her husband because she undergoes a roller coaster of hormones during her pregnancy.

Breast health: Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer among women worldwide. Women should not neglect any abnormality in their breast.  Medical practitioners suggest that women aged between 40-45 years should get the mammogram every year. But if there is a family history of breast cancer the mammography should be started early.

Stress:  Family responsibilities, raising kids, attending to social matters and career all together make today’s modern woman more prone to stress. Staying in stress for longer periods effects a woman overall being in the form of hypertension, gastrointestinal issues, sleep disorders, relationship conflicts, back pain, abdominal weight gain, etc. Stress can be managed by prayer, socializing, therapy, yoga or any other exercise and a healthy hobby.

Avoid common health risks: Many health-related issues re common among men and women. But some issues may be more common in women than men and as a result, their impact may be strong. Commonly known health risks include heart disease, stroke, urinary tract infection, alcohol intake, depression, osteoarthritis.  

Visiting doctor:  Apart from visiting gynecologist women should visit a medical specialist for regular checkups and screening tests. Having a regular record of blood screening, blood pressures and weight annually buries serious health-related issues.

A woman needs to take care of health at every stage of her life. By following the above-mentioned tips early detection of medical problems becomes easy. Women neglect their health for several reasons. In the end, it comes to the shoulder of a woman whether she gives priority to her health or not. After putting lots of energy for the wellbeing of the family, it is time that a woman gives an equal level of attention towards her health.