6 Minute ABS Workout


Health and fitness are the major goals of life. A healthy body has a healthy mind. There will be better opportunities for a person with physical and mental fitness.

We all aspire physical fitness for a better quality of life. Physical fitness is basically termed as the set of attributes a person have or he tries to achieve to do maximum working capability.

However, health is defined as the wellbeing of the physical, social and psychological state of a person. For the better social representation, you must be fit. There are some standards by the health organizations working tirelessly in the growing world.

There is BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate)is the standard concluded from calculations that represent the person’s health. Either he is underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

The standards are:

If BMI is below 19, the person is underweight

If BMI is between 19 -24, then the person is normal and healthy

If BMI  is between 24-29 then he is overweight

If BMI is above 29 then the person is obese

All the above were the standards defined by the organizations responsible for health promotion and awareness. Many health workers, public health nutritionist are currently doing researches regarding better quality of life.

Recent researches showed that the healthy person living a good quality of life either not so long span of life is better than the person with older age but with no proper health and bad quality of life.


The major focus is on better health not on longer age. Because unhealthy aging and life with diseases is worse than living a shorter life but with a healthier and physically fit body. Sedentary lifestyle nowadays become a part of everyone life either children, adolescents, adults or older people.

Sedentary lifestyle and eating junk food os common. Junk food has unhealthy toxins and trans fats while sedentary lifestyle adds sugar to it by lack of physical activity and exercise our body shape is disturbed and unhealthy fat starts to accumulate in our body causing obesity. Obesity can cause many diseases for examples diabetes can be triggered by obesity, cardiovascular disorders and heat stroke are caused by it.

Hypertension making people life and health disturbed is also caused by it. It can also cause anxiety and stress. Osteoporosis is more painful with the obesity. Lack of physical activity along with obesity can cause muscle pain and joints displacement.

So try to avoid being obese or becoming overweight but unfortunately if you have fallen prey to this kind of difficult and you want to get rid of it we here is 6-minute abs workout which can help you to be slim and trim very quickly in a short span of time.

Ab Bikes

This is the most effective exercise of our ultimate 6 minutes workout. It is a perfect movement that involves your all abs muscles

Lie down on the mat on the base of your back and extend your feet in front of you

Place your hands on both sides of your head by bending your elbows

Make an angle of 90 degree between your knees and hips

This step is like riding a bicycle, like riding, cycle between your elbows and knees bringing opposite to each other which moving your legs outwards

Twist your soma (Torso) constantly while cycling

A complete cycle of one side is one rep.


Jack Knife From Lying Flat

It involves the full length of abs muscles thus one of the very effective exercises for our workout for becoming slim and smart

Stretch out your hands above your head and lay down straight on your back

Raise your torso and keep your arms behind your head, this will engage your abs muscles constantly

Now with the help of your abs try to raise your legs towards you. Try not to bend them

Keep moving your arms around the sides of legs, stretching the abs

Slowly and very steadily return to your fist position by lowering your legs and torso until you lay down straight on the floor. This was one rep.


Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are the combination of workout of lower abs, quads and hip flexor’s workout. This will help to reduce the unwanted fat

Lay down on  the floor by keeping your back straight

Lift your feet in the above for one or two inches

Tight your lower abs and then raise one leg

Now raise the second leg by lowering the other for 1-2 inches above the ground. One rep is completed.


 Opposite Leg and Arm

It is the workout of legs and arms during high planks

Make a high plank position

Wring the core of your body, raise one arm in front of you, squeeze your gluteal muscles and raise your opposite leg backwards

Hold this position for 2 or 3 seconds

Return to the starting position by lowering leg and arm, This was one rep completed.

Repeat the same procedure on the other side.


Plank Jacks

Make a high plank position then move your legs apart by stretching the core of the body

Reverse this movement and join your feet again

One rep is completed.



This crunch can serve as  the base of our ultimate 6 minutes abs workout to be slim

Lay flat on the floor

Put your hands on the sides of your head or behind them

Don’t try to pull your head or neck

Now stretch the abs and raise your torso from the floor, use your abs to do this straighten the legs.

Hold for 2-3  seconds and keep exhaling.

Return to the initial position. One rep is completed now.


Legs Extension

Leg Extension serve as reducing your lower ab fat in our ultimate 6 minutes workout to reducing weight.

Sit on the floor by extending your legs in front of you

Raise your hands in front of you and slowly bends backwards

There will come a point where it will be hard to old the legs whilst you are not falling, this is the balance point

Stretch your abs while pulling your legs towards you

If you find it hard you can also take a little support of your knees

Take your legs back

One rep is completed

Legs Extension
Legs Extension

High Plank Walk

Make high plank position which will be the starting posture

Move your one hand forward slowly without losing balance

Take your another hand forward the same as the other. Try to get the distance as long as possible

Hold this position for two or three seconds

Now reverse the procedure and take your hands back

One rep is completed

High Plank Walk
High Plank Walk

Plank Reach Through

Make a push-up position( Put your hands on the floor below the shoulders and feet slightly spaced apart, balance out  your spine

Take your one arm in front of you,stretching the trunk for stability

Keep tensing your core and take your hand backwards whilst raising the hips

Touch the other knee with your hand keep stretching your core

Return to the initial posture

Repeat the same process on the other side

One rep is completed



Swimmers are the best part of the abs workout because it affects the core and reducing your lower back fat

Lie down on your stomach and tense your gluteal muscles and raise your both legs

Slightly move forward whilst straightening your arms and palm of your  hands must be faced towards the ground at a minimum distance

Now raise your alternate arm and leg in the air, tensing  muscles from your shoulders to gluts

One rep is completed

Now repeat the same process with the other arm


This was the most effective and inspirable ultimate 6 minutes workout to become slim and fit. The world is running towards the fitness.

Many of the researchers concluded that then physical activity and workout act as a building block or you can say the major pillar of the foundation of health and fitness. Keep in mind proper exhaling must be done during the workout. It keeps the person aerobic requirement fulfilled and blood circulation towards the brain increases which not only benefits the neural system but also cooperate with the cognitive and learning abilities.

Moreover, it also helps for enhancing the academic capabilities. Socially a fit and smart person is more likely to be looking impressive and decent and is more acceptable in the society.

There are many more extra benefits to the smart, slim and fit person. Nowadays everyone wants to look smart and beautiful, so they can compete with the competitive world with grace and confidence.

If we love ourselves only then we will have confidence and the sparkle of self-love expresses in our body language and way of talking. It is scientifically proved that 92% people judge others by their appearance .

Obese and an overweight person cannot look the same as the smart fit and slim person but being slim does not mean to become underweight it means we have healthy BMI and physically fit body which comes definitely from proper nutrition, good quality of sleep and adequate amount of physical activity (exercises and workouts).