Is seeing a showbiz star aged 40+ with smooth skin and natural glow makes you wonder has the celebrity stopped ageing? That’s because they undergo a lot of laser treatments and Botox based injection therapies.

But remember these treatments are harmful to the skin and costs you lots of money. You can have a flawless young face without spending a single penny. Yes, it’s possible by facial yoga.

The human face has more than 50 different muscles and most of these facial muscles are rarely used. With regular facial exercises, blood gets circulated and oxygen is supplied to facial muscles. This gives skin a healthy glow and bright complexion. With regular facial exercises, the blood flow will improve leading to skin cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles.

What is Facial Yoga?

Facial yoga is focused on toning and relaxing the face.  Regular facial yoga counters the effect the tensed facial expressions leaving both the muscles and skin relaxed and youthful.  

How often facial yoga should be performed? 

It is advisable to perform facial exercises 3-5 times a week for 20 minutes each time. It’s free of cost face toning method and it can be done anywhere and at any time of the day.

Tips for Facial Yoga:  

Make sure your hands are clean before touching your face.

Try to do facial yoga at the same time of the day so that you do not forget.

Do not pull your skin harshly, it can lead to wrinkles.

Combine facial yoga with cardiovascular exercises to give your skin a healthy boost.

Before we discuss the facial exercises, it is important to mention the two easiest and very effective ways of maintaining the skin and overall facial structure.

Sufficient Water Intake: In order to make your skin hold its elasticity, you must include 8-10 glasses of water per day in your diet. This is the easiest and cheapest way of keeping your skin healthy and avoiding all sorts of skin problems.

Chewing Gums: In order to enhance facial features or reduce signs of ageing, chewing gums works wondrously. While moderately chewing the gums, the facial muscles undergo movement, making the skin firmer and smoothening it out.

These are the 7 exercises that are a must-try for those who effectively want to remove wrinkles or make their face slim:

Exercising while looking up: This involves looking up and crumpling the mouth in a way that it is concentrated at the mouth area. It should be held like that for about 5 minutes and it should be repeated 5 times. In order to get lifted cheekbones and a sharp jawline, the tongue should be kept stuck out, while looking up at the ceiling. This will stretch and strengthen the muscles of the neck region. It is necessary to relax the muscle every time before repeating the exercise.

Making an “O”: While folding both, your upper and lower lip over your teeth such that your mouth takes up an “O” shape. Smile in a way that your check bones become prominent. By putting your palms on the cheeks and your pinkies near the eyes, apply pressure on your temples. Next, pull your cheeks forward from the face as you close your eyes. By pulling the chin forward from your face, in such a way that your scalp tightens and you feel pressure on your cheeks and temples. After doing once, relax and repeat two more times. This exercise will help in making the whole face firm.

Puffing up the Cheeks: Puffup both the cheeks and then shift air from one cheek to the other, within the mouth. Shift the air about 5 times. This is also called as the mouthwash technique. While making an “O” with your mouth, release the air that was held within. In order to keep the cheeks firm, repeat the exercise for 5 to 6 times.

Firming the Jaw & Neck: Start with a smile. Make an “Ah” sound as you open your mouth. Into your mouth, fold the lower lip and both the corners of lips. Move the lower jaw forward and make and then motion it to close your mouth. While tilting your head upwards, pull your chin up a couple of times. Keep opening and closing the jaw for 10 times. Make sure that your chin is pointed upwards on the last repetition. The whole exercise should be done twice.

Repairing the forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet: Firstly, wide open your eyes. While doing this exercise, pull your facial skin back by pressing with your hands. Hold for a few minutes before releasing. This exercise works effectively for those who are concerned about the wrinkles on their face and want to get rid of the unwanted lines that form at the edge of eyes, called crow’s feet.

Making the fish face exercise: If you want to tone your face and make it slimmer, exercising while making the fish face will prove to be wondrous. Firstly, smile as you purse your lips. Then, suck the inside of your cheeks into the gap between the sides of your teeth. In this way, the fish face will be formed. Repeat this exercise about 5 times.

Flexing the eyebrows: With ageing, eyebrows start losing their density and firmness. This exercise is an excellent solution for those whose eyebrows have begun to sag. Keep your eyes wide open as if startled and place the tip of your fingers, right below the brows. Keeping the eyes open, lift the eyebrows up and outwards by pressurizing with the fingers. This should be held in the same position for about 6-7 seconds. Next, the muscle present above the eye should be pressed down against the fingers. This should also be done for 6-7 seconds.

Conclusion:  By regularly doing facial yoga every week you will get youthful glowing skin and you will feel good about yourself.