Best Triceps Exercises for Women


Triceps is the muscle present in the back part of one’s upper arm. This muscle is generally used to extend one’s forearm. Due to excessive fat been accumulated in the triceps area, women tend to perform certain workout steps.

These workout steps, which are not even time consuming and very easy to perform, effectively enable women to get rid of the excessive upper arm fat.

1-Triceps Push-ups: Triceps push-ups are done by lying down on the stomach, and lifting the body in such a way that it is supported by the toes and palms. The body is then lowered on the floor, keeping the elbows close to the side. Pausing in that position is followed by bringing the body back up to the initial plank position and repeating the steps.

2-Ball Push-ups: These are performed by lowering the chest on a stability ball. While the legs are kept straight and extended, the chest is lowered down in a way that it touches the ball. After keeping it lowered for a moment, the body is strength fully pulled back to the initial position.

3-Triceps Dips: For this, one has to bend at the level of a bench and hold it by placing the hands behind. The body has to be lowered by bending the elbows. This is followed by straightening the arms to get pushed back to the initial position.

4-Triceps exercises with dumbbells: Dumbbells are used in many effective exercises for triceps. Some of the triceps workouts involving dumbbells are:

5-Dumbbell Floor Press: This is done by lying on the back while keeping the knees bent instead of positioning the legs straight. In each hand, a dumbbell is held and then, the arms are extended upwards. The movement is slowly reversed and the steps are repeated about 8-10 times.

6-Single-Arm Dumbbell Floor Press: The steps for single-arm dumbbell floor press are exactly the same as above. The only difference is that the dumbbell is held in only one hand for this one.

7-Side Plank with Dumbbell Raise: For this, one has to be in a plank position, lying on one side. A dumbbell has to be held while keeping both the feet joined. The top hand has to be extended and held straight for a while. Slowly, the hand has to be lowered to the starting position. A set of 10 reps has to be done each of the two sides of the body.