Triceps are the muscles present on the upper limb, its contraction and relaxation help in extension of the elbow joint.

Triceps are located on the upper limb. The upper limb is divided into the following parts:

Shoulder Limb

Arm Limb

Forearm limb

Hand limb

To lift heavy things your body is strong. A strong arm is important for lifting anything. If you push something like a door, bench, or any other thing you are using your triceps.

Strong triceps is important but sometimes its shapes also important. Most people don’t like the curves in their triceps. A good way to build strong and healthy triceps is to do workout or exercise.

The composition of triceps has three heads:

A long head that is on the upper side. The lateral head is on the lower side and the medial head that is on the mid-side. Some triceps workouts are easy and effective than the other triceps workout.

Major 4 moves of triceps are:

  • Diamond pushup
  • Kicks back
  • Triceps extension
  • Triceps pushdown

Easy and Effective Diamond push-up is given below:

  • Diamond pushup
  • Kicks back
  • Dips
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Rope pushdown
  • Bar push down
  • Lying barbell triceps extensions

Here we discuss only 5 triceps for workout and discuss how to do these steps during exercise. Triceps workouts are as given below:

1-Diamond Pushup:

Diamond push up is the workout which is through your contraction and relaxation of triceps it is done by the straight your back and touch your feet with the floor and your hands also touch to the floor your chest and triceps are in the working this workout is helpful for muscles when the muscles are contracted and relaxed it becomes more strong when your body is in action triceps are used to move anything around us. When you are doing diamond pushup workout keep the points in your mind your body is straight and your hand on the floor are also straight your feet are touching the floor your legs are not touching to the floor and your chest is moving up and down during this workout.

How can this workout be done?

First of all straight your body

Then your hands or fingers touch on the floor not your arms touch to the floor

Your feet are straight and touch to the floor if u can touch your knee with the floor then your foot can not touch with the floor

Move your chest up and down

This workout can be done by this procedure and it is repeated 2 to 3 times for 15 to 20 minutes.

2-Kicks back:

Kickbacks workout can be done through the moving up your arms and the upper body strength. Your arms move up and down and the muscles or triceps relax and contract this process can increase your triceps strength. In this workout, kickbacks help you out flexibility in your muscles and stretching. Before the workout warm-up your body 5 to 10 minutes before starting the exercise this workout includes jumping, stretching your triceps, walking, and moving your arms or lift anything, and moving your arms.

How can this workout be done?

Pick up dumbbells in your both hands and straighten your body

Then push your body and move the hands up and down by applying equal force

Keep up your arms are close to your head and move the dumbbells

Straight your arm at 90 degrees and move the hands towards your shoulders.

This workout or exercise can be done by this process this process is repeated 2 to 3 times in 1 minute for 20 to 25 minutes.

kickbacks workout not only done by dumbbells but it can also be done by many other exercises like the kickbacks is done cable to lift up the cable with your hand and place your other hand to the thighs for the supports this exercise can be done by repeating this step for sometimes.

It is the most effective and easy way of workout.


Dip workout is a very effective and easy step for triceps. It can increase your muscle mass and muscle working activity it can increase the strength of your body. It is also said that weight dip or chest dip exercise in this workout sit on the chair and exercise with your arms and legs.

Knees are bent it helps to make the workout easier. It is a difficult exercise that how your body is bent down and how your feet move during this workout avoids the straightening of your shoulders. Remember that your shoulder down and away from the ears. If you feel not comfortable or easy during exercise then leave the exercise.

How this works out can be done?

This workout can be done by the following steps follow these steps carefully:

Sit on the chair and bent down your knee at the 90-degree angle lift up the handle of the chair or seat any other thing which is you were used.

When you move your hand during workout keep insure that your chest moves in right position.

4-Overhead triceps extension:

In this tricep workout, your arms are in the working condition. your triceps have the ability or strength to move the arms as your target in the workout. It can active your muscle from 70% to 76%. in this workout you should keep your arms next to the ears this workout is very helpful for the triceps because the contraction or relaxation process is carried out during this workout your triceps are in the working. when you can do this exercise you should take care of this that you can contract the triceps to keep your back from damage.

How this work out can be done?

First of all, you can sit on the chair and hold the weight in your hands or if you cannot sit on the chair you can stand straight on the floor your back is straight at 90 degrees.

Carry weight in both hands and then you can triceps close to your ears and start the workout.

Straight your arms and contracting your triceps.

Repeat the same process 2 to 3times for 15 to 20 minutes. it can increase body strength and body mass.

5-Rope push down:

Rope push down is easy and effective triceps workout in this you can use cable machine or any other machine in which you can stand easily Rope push down can activate your triceps up to 75%. Rope push down can strengthen your triceps. In this, you can push down to about your knees and contract and relax your triceps.

How this workout can be done?

First of all, hold the rope tightly with the end or corner of the machine.

Stand straight and tightly hold the rope with both ends.

Start the exercise with the elbow bent at the angle of 90.

And then contract your triceps and spreading your arms and move your hands towards the floor.

Repeated it 3 or 4 time for 15 to 20 minutes.

Before starting exercise warm up your body for 5 to 10 minutes before a workout it should increase your strength.

More Effective Triceps Exercises

  • Standard pushup
  • Dip
  • Diamond pushup
  • Bench dip

You should know that consistent training is more effective than intensive but inconsistent training consistent and light training shows good results. If your arms are stronger than you should have the ability to have strong triceps. Some exercise is hard by doing a workout you should feel fatigued in your triceps or muscles you should be avoided to these type of exercise it is better than that doing light exercise daily and it is consistent. This type of exercise can give us the strength to our triceps. If you can doing exercise for 20 to 25 minutes daily it depends on your body and the fitness level and the ability of your body. 20 to 25 minutes exercise is good for triceps when you focus some of the triceps and doing exercise daily. But extra exercise can lead us to fatigue or muscle relaxation problems.

Before any exercise warm up your body for 10 to 15 minutes any type of workout. It helps to body increase the strength it can stretch out the muscles and when muscles stretch out they can bear extra weight. if you can do exercise without stretching or warm-up it can effect on your muscle when you lift extra weight your muscle should be injured or pull down the muscle so it is important to warm up your body before any type of exercise.

If your muscle is injured or pull-down doesn’t do any exercise it can harm your triceps or muscle. You can do a workout at home easily to follow some steps stand straight for the exercise and move your arms and legs according to your exercise which exercises you want to be done.