chest workout


Building an attractive chest is the dream of each person. As we all know whether it is a man or woman everyone wants their chest to look stunning and attractive in a swimsuit or business suit.

Chest is usually our pectoral muscles. Our chest consists of three main muscles. Among these, the pectoralis major makes most of our chest muscle mass. it helps in rotating our arm that way it helps in moving the arms backward and forward during the workout.

These muscles play an important role in building an attractive set of pecs. As we all know that pecs are the largest muscles of the chest along with other small muscles that hold the pectoral muscles. Our chest muscles are big and can bear load due to which you can lose more weight or burn calories.

Moreover, when you do workout along with chest your arms and shoulder are also involved that helps you to reduce more calories and gain explosive, bigger, and stronger chests within no time.

 Everyone wanted to make their chest look well-around stronger and more defined. Stronger chest muscles can improve your back strength and also enhances your ability to push things. Moreover, stronger muscles also help you to take part in sports.

There are many workout tips to make your chest look stunning and explosive. People try different workouts but didn’t get desired results. Moreover, people get tired of doing exercise and by going to the gym. Here I will tell you about 5 best chest workout tips that will give you explosive desired gain.

 There are some workout tips for the chest that can be performed even in the home within 15 minutes. You just only need dumbbells and chest press machine. Further, you can also perform these workouts on your own and didn’t need someone to helps you in the workout.

These workouts include:

1-Barbell floor press

2-Incline dumbbells fly

3-Floor press

4-Chest press machine

5-Cable crossover

Before doing the chest workout, first of all, do a warmup exercise for chest. The warmup is necessary because it prepares your body to do aerobic exercise. It usually raises the body temperature and increases the blood flow in muscles. it also reduces muscle soreness and pain.

Here is a warm up exercise before chest workout


How to perform pushups?

Make a position for pushups with your hands in such a way your hands are wider than the shoulder’s width. know to make your body look straight in such a way that it makes a straight line from your ankles to your head.

Know lower your body in such a way that your chest just touches the floor or floor mat on which you are performing the exercise. after that push yourself up to the point from where you have just started the exercise. Repeat the same procedure for the next pushup.

perform push-ups in such a way for 6-10 times for 20 seconds.

After a warm-up, you can perform any of the following chest workouts.


Here are 5 best chest workout tips for an explosive gain

1-Barbell floor press

The barbell bench press is a pressing drill for the upper body that usually establishes the strength and size of the upper body.

Muscles of the chest is also maintained by this workout.

Following are the instructions to perform this workout

First of all, lie your back on a Floor. Know hold tightly a barbell with your hand grip in such a way as thumbs around the bar. Hold the barbell above your chest with your arms that are fully extended.

This is your starting point. Noe lowers the bar at the mid of your chest. Make sure that your arms are making an angle of 45 degrees with your body in the downward position.

Now again go upward and Hold the barbell there for a few seconds, take a deep breath and lower the barbell again. Try to keep your butt on the floor while you are performing the exercise.

Barbell bench press workout is among the best workout tips. It is an effective workout for the upper body especially for the chest to gain strength and muscle mass.


2-Incline Dumbbells Fly

Dumbbells fly is another effective workout for your chest. it provides your chest strength and size. it also isolates your pecs. It works for pecs, upper arms, and muscles.

How to perform this workout?

first of all, pick up a dumbbell with hand in such a way that your hand has a full grip on them. after that sit on an incline bench. now make a position to perform the workout. laid down on the bench and bring the dumbbells close to your chest.

Once you attain a position, take a deep breath. now slowly try to lower the dumbbells and try to keep the angle of your elbow. As the dumbbells reach the chest area, reverse the movement by squeezing your chest muscles together, and take the dumbbells back to the position where you have just started the exercise.


Continue the workout until you completed the exercise without allowing the dumbbells to touch.

This workout strengthens your pecs and gives an explosive gain to your chest. This workout is best to perform while a person is lying on a flat or an incline bench.

3-Chest press machine

This workout targets the chest muscles and gives goal pecs to peoples. it gives strength and power to your chest muscle.

How does it work?

first, sit on the chest press machine and choose the weight you want to use. now place your foot on the surface area of machine to bring the handles of the machine toward yourself.

Hold the handles and stretched your arms with great efforts. Now lift the elbows so that your arms are at the level of the ground means parallel to the surface. after that put the force on the handle so that they push forward and stretched your arms.

This is your First position.

Now bring the handles towards yourself and breathe. know again exerts a force on the handles to put them back away from you and hold the contraction of muscles for few seconds and go back to the initial position. Continue the same process.


This workout reduces the chances of injury and also helps to rebuild the strength after injury.

4-Floor Press

The floor press is among one of the best workouts for the chest. in this workout, you may not gain much weight but can enjoy a stronger gain in your chest muscles or pecs.

How we can perform Floor press?

make a position by lying on the floor under your bar. now hold it with your hand with a full grip on it in such a way that your hands around shoulder-width apart. make your legs stretched in a straight line.

The next steps are to take the bar off, if you are lying on a floor then you need someone to help you in lifting it is you are using heavy weights however if you are lying on a rack then you can easily raise the bar.

As soon you can bring the bar near your chest your arms will stretch outward. lower it slowly until your upper arms touch the ground after that bring it back explosively.

floor press
floor press

This workout puts less strain on your shoulder and gives your pecs or chest muscles an explosive gain. This is an easy and effective workout and can be performed at home too.

5-Cable crossover

It is one of the great chest workouts as it stretches the chest muscles and gives strength to your pecs.

It also stretches the chest muscles giving gain to your pecs.

How we can perform a cable crossover workout?

First of all, place the handles at both ends and stand straight at the center of the machine with the feet one-foot forward. After that contract your chest muscles and bring both the handle down towards the mid-thigh level.

Hold yourself there for 2 seconds. now raise your until you feel a slight stretched in your chest. Repeat the same procedure to the extent you want to perform this workout.

This workout increases the strength of your chest muscles without putting much weight on your chest.

The above mention and discussed chest workout tips are among best to make your chest look firm and lifted. it also strengthened your chest muscles.

Following are some impact of these mention best workout tips on the chest:

if a person has large pectoral muscles under the glandular tissue it pushes the chest out making the bustline look more prominent. These workout tips will improve the appearance of the bustline.

Make your chest look stronger, round, and firm.

It assists to strengthened and promote the chest.

It gives people an effective and attractive look.

It also improves your posture.

Give strength and length to chest muscles that improve breathing and also support deeper breathing.