Fat is an important compositional component of our body but its excess in our body brings a lot of trouble and health issues in our life.

Excessive fat primarily will disrupt your body figure by adding up belly fat which is hard to manage. Your clothes become tight for you to wear. You might face mocking and jokes upon your belly fat and in the end, you will also not like that excessive fat in your body.

Belly fat not only brings external problems but also internal problems which include Cardio-vascular disease, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.

This will have a long-term negative impact on your life-style because it will increase the chances of your more hospital visits soon as more belly fat will increase your BMI and if it goes above 25 which will make you enter in the overweight category linking many risk factors with your health condition.

But you need not worry as we have a perfect workout plan for you that you could perform anywhere at any time which makes it a home-friendly workout.

Especially in the condition of quarantine when all social gathering places like Gyms, community clubs, etc. are closed, it will help you out in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

So let me explain to you this workout routine that you have to follow through the period of 10 weeks. Remember a light but consistent training will provide you more efficient results than intensive but no consistent training.

Work Out Plan:

Monday: 20 Squats, 15-second plank, 15 lunges, 25-second wall sit, 5 pushups, 25 crunches,10 Butt kicks, 35 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups

Tuesday:  30-second plank, 10 jumping jacks, 25 crunches, 45-second wall sit, 20 Butt kicks, 10 squats, 25 lunges, 35 sit-ups, 10 pushups.

Wednesday: 40 seconds plank, 15 squats ,25 lunges,50 jumping jacks 30 sit-ups, 35 seconds wall sit, 25 Butt kicks, 10 pushups,30 crunches.

Thursday  20 pushups,35 squats, 20 crunches, 15 lunges, 55 sit-ups, 60-second wall sit 35, butt kicks, 30-second plank, 25 jumping jacks,

Friday: 60 seconds plank, 55 jumping jacks, 45 seconds wall sit,  60 lunges, 40 sit-ups, 30 push-ups,25 squats,30 crunches,50 butt kicks,

Saturday: Resting Day

Sunday: Resting Day

So, this is a complete workout plan for the whole week which you have to follow consistently for 10 weeks to get the best results in burning out your belly fat. This is a special workout plan designed to be adjustable with the lifestyle of any person and could be operated at anywhere and anyplace. You don’t need any special equipment, you don’t need any special atmosphere and you don’t need any technical support at all for this like expensive fitness machines, equipment, etc. All you need is just a determination to keep consistency in your routine regarding this workout plan.

Now let us explore some technical points that will help you out in burning out your extra belly fat and bring you back into your shape. We will discuss each exercise and its effects on your body plus their benefits.

Squats: Squats are like sit-ups but with the bended knees and heels close or touching the back of the thigh or the buttock. Squats will help you burn the extra bit of fat in your thighs making its muscles stronger which will eventually result in an increase in your speed and running. It will also make your digestive system better by improving the metabolism rate of your body. It will help you out in burning extra calories to help you out in balancing the input and output energy of your body. It will strengthen the core muscles of your body.

Plank: Plank is the name of an exercise in which we maintain pushups like position for a longer period. Plank directly affects your core muscle which is known as abdominal muscle. It’s referred to as the best belly fat burning exercise because it puts direct pressure on your abdominal muscle. It will help you out in improving your posture and help you out in getting rid of the back pain if you are facing it quite often. It will help you out in improving the strength from your pelvic girdle to the shoulder girdle. It will also strengthen your legs.

Crunches: Crunches are done with initially laying down while bending your knees and then making a crunch putting pressure on your abdominal muscle. Remember that your spinal cord shouldn’t bend, the whole pressure should be upon your core muscles to prevent injury and get the most efficient results As we discussed that crunches put whole pressure upon your abdominal muscles so it will be a quite efficient exercise in burning out your belly muscle. It will also help you out in correcting out your posture. Some types of crunches could help you out:

1. The Basic Crunch

2. Reverse Crunch

3. Vertical Leg Crunch

4. Long Arm Crunches

5. Bicycle Crunch

6. Double Crunches

Jumping Jacks: Jumping Jack is a jumping exercise that is done by spreading out your arms and legs. Jumping jack is considered one of the most used and effective exercises for the cardiovascular muscles. It will help you solve your internal issues that might be caused due to obesity or belly fat. As jumping jack is all about coordination so it improves your limb coordination with your brain. Jumping Jack is also an excellent warm-up exercise that could be utilized before any intensive exercise to make your muscles stretched before the main exercise. As we know stretch muscles can carry more weight so the risk of injury is minimized.

Lunges: Lunge is a position in which one leg is stretched in a forward position with a bended knee while the second leg is stretched in a backward position with knee bended towards the floor. It will help you out in building up your leg muscles; it will help you out in strengthening your lower back which will also give you relief from back pain by improving your posture. It will help you out in improving your balance and will strengthen your core muscles.

Wall Sit: Wall sit is the name of maintaining a sitting position while placing your back against the wall. It will work on your whole lower body strengthening out your lower body muscles. It will help you out in burning a lot of calories. It will help you out in increasing your muscle endurance. You can perform it with a lot of variations making it an enjoyable activity for yourself.

Sit-ups: It is just like crunches but the difference is that you have to complete the motion by sitting and then again laying down to repeat the process. Sit-ups will help you out in burning the belly fat, strengthening your core muscles, help you out in maintaining and improving the balance of your body, increasing the flexibility in your body, improving your athletic performance, help you out in improving your posture, improving your diaphragm strength, reducing the risk of back pain and injury.

Butt Kicks: It is exercises in which you have to run but have to remain in one place and while running you have to stretch your legs and bend it towards your butts as much as possible. The procedure remains in a continuous motion. It is a healthy exercise for your cardiovascular muscles, it will help you out in increasing your leg flexibility, make your leg muscles stronger, and it will increase leg muscle endurance. It is a key running drill for athletes. It will increase the speed of the hamstring muscle which will increase your running speed.

Pushups: It begins with a prone position of your body and is carried out by raising and lowering your body by using your arms. It will increase your upper body strength by targeting Triceps, Deltoid, Abdominal muscles, coracobrachialis, pectoral, serrates anterior. It will help you out in improving your metabolism as well as making the performance of your digestive system even better. The best part about pushups is that it will produce quicker results.

Remember you need to be consistent with this exercise for at least 10 weeks to acquire your desired goals because only consistency could produce long-term results for you.

It should be noted that along with a consistent exercise you need to take a balanced diet for yourself which will keep care of your digestive system and metabolism of the body. A balanced diet is a diet having a diverse variety of healthy food in your diet which fulfils the macronutrients and micronutrients requirements of the body because food works as the fuel for your body.

Achieving fitness should be the priority to lead a healthy lifestyle which could result in an increase in your life spam. Remember a healthy body has a healthy mind so if you are a study freak even then you need to do regular physical exercise to live a healthy life and to maintain a healthy brain. In short physical exercise and fitness s necessary for every human being on this planet to live a healthy life.