As we all know that our health and fitness both depend upon our physical activities and the quality and quantity of food that we are eating.

A healthy diet plays an important role in keeping us active and fit.

Fitness is a characteristic that people have or have to achieve in their life being physically fit is explained as the capability to do work on a daily basis, with the stamina and attention, without extreme fatigue is known as fitness. Fitness helps you withstand physical challenges and to protect you from the disease.

Martial art is the type of exercise in which your body strength is improving it also improves the flexibility of your body parts. It plays a vital role both physically and mentally in your body. When your muscles contract and relax you can do anything without hard work martial art increase the body’s ability and also increase the body enhancement when you do martial art your muscles are stretch that is very beneficial for a healthy life.

Martial art helps to be healthy and fit being fit involves mental, emotional, and physical fitness, it’s just not the name of being physically fit. Martial art is useful for all ages for adults for children it can increase the body flexibility strength and ability.

Martial art is of many types many people like different types of exercises in martial art. 10 Martial arts are amazing for fitness and weight loss. Many peoples use supplements for losing weight and it is harmful to the body.

On the other hand, these types of exercise can help us in losing or maintain body weight without using any supplements. Martial art is an easy and effective type of workout. Martial art is used to burn extra calories you should intake and helps you to live a healthy and active life.

Other exercises are good but if we see on the other hand martial art is more effective and helpful from the other exercises.

Here are the 10 Reasons why you should use Martial Arts to reach your physical fitness:

Martial art shows a physically fit person in and out. Martial art helps many peoples to achieve their goals or achieve physical fitness and a physically healthy and active mind.

1- The class covering all fitness components:

Most of the exercise focuses on only one component but martial art focuses on many components like flexibility, cardiovascular, strength, and movement all in one workout.

In one class of martial art, it covers all the exercises and increases body abilities such as power speed, flexibility, body mass, physical fitness.

2- The composition of the body also improves:

Martial art improves your body composition it will burn extra fat from the body other workouts can also help us to remove extra fat from your body but this exercise has no other components like flexibility strength etc. so it helps us to burn out the extra fat from your body.

3- Balanced training is done:

If you are doing other fitness exercises your body is not balanced. If you are doing hard work out your muscles may be injured and pull down which is harmful to our body but on the other hand, we saw that the martial art workout has balanced between the body parts like the balance between the right and left arm or side balance between upper and lower side and also balance between the push and pull down anything.

4- The use of best functional training:

Functional training is the training in which we used the steps in the exercise which were used in daily life and the physical fitness point of view according to the latest research the importance of this type of training is discussed yet martial art can always use the functional training. This training includes body weight, balance, and joint workouts.

5- The training which includes your whole body:

It is the training or exercise which includes your whole body activity during training. For example, you are learning how to use your full body in one workout or training from head to foot to do one workout. In the martial art, you use your full body in one workout your muscles are in the working and muscles contraction relaxation process is carried out.

6- You can do exercise at any time or any place:

In the martial art exercise, you don’t need to go gym for this exercise or not use any equipment to do the exercise you can do exercise at home easily just known about the steps how to do these types of exercises can be done. If you know hand resources then you can do exercise at home at the park at any time when you want to do exercise.

7- It is a lifetime hobby:

Martial art is also like a hobby people can do workouts with passion and do like their hobby. Martial art is continuing as lifelong followers. It is a great way to maintain its old and young people.

Many people can do many exercises daily but these exercises are not doing a lifetime they can do these exercises for one month or two month but martial art is the only type of workout which healthy and lifelong followers. It is also a stress relief workout. It can change brain development like better learning skills and good memory. Martial art helps us in physical and mental health.

8- It includes relaxation and breathing training:

At this point, we were discussing PRI which is an organization. PRI stands for Postural Restoration Institute. It provides us strength and physical therapists for help they teach us to their clients that how to move pain freeway.one of it major role is to teach how to take Breath properly and it helps us to relieve from pain and help to you to perfume well.

Martial art is not only the exercise but it can help you to balance relaxation include breathing if you breathe properly you can do the exercise properly if you feel difficulty breathing you cannot do the exercise properly or any other type of workout.so It helps us a lot to take exercise daily martial art plays a vital role in bodybuilding for fitness.

9- Martial art maintain long term health:

Fitness is a key to enjoy life if you are not fit physically and mentally you cannot do anything and you don’t achieve any goal which you want to gain or archive. Some activities or exercises show short term results but on the other hand, martial art shows long term results.

If a person can do workout for a week or a month and leave the workout after one month then their body is again into the same position if you are doing martial art you can do exercise for the month your body is in the same position after some days when you can leave the exercise because in this exercise your all parts of the body are in working but on the other hand the other exercises your all parts of the body are not in the working only one part of the body is in the working so after leaving exercise some time muscles pull down when you are doing exercise again after a few days your muscles are pull-down after doing small steps martial art maintain a long term health effect.

10- Martial art classes are greater than the fitness exercise:

It can sharpen your mind. It is a skill that is discussed is used for self-defence. Martial art develops a sense of camaraderie, which difficult to found in regular classes of fitness. If you want to fit physically you can do martial art work out. If you are strong you can do anything which you want to do being physically and mentally fit do some exercises you can do a different

type of workout but martial art is a more effective and easy workout which helps us to achieve your goals and fresh your mind relief us from overthinking.

Martial art is good for any age group for adults it has many benefits also good for children. It provides structure to children and also focuses on growth children can get extra energy from this type of exercise. You increase your self-control to do martial art work out.

Martial art is of different types and types have different advantages and disadvantages. A martial art can control emotions in personal and professional life it is very hard to reach that point with balance and control but a daily workout of martial art can improve this skill very quickly. A martial art can improve better coordination between you and the other person. Blood pressure could be controlled via martial arts. Martial art improves your mental stamina your ability to do work increase and have to improve your learning skills.

A martial art can relieve stress and aggression and control your thoughts and help us to breathe properly. Fitness is important to live a healthy life.